‘Better Call Saul’ creator to make Wall Street movie


Better call Gordon Gekko. Co-creator of hit AMC show Better Call Sau; to develop Wall Street movie for HBO.

While AMC has been able to pull off another outstanding show in Better Call Saul, the spin off of the hit Breaking Bad series, the series’ co-creator and current showrunner, Peter Gould, is in talks to develop a new film for HBO about Wall Street…because there just aren’t enough movies about Wall Street.

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The film will be based on the 2012 book Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market and Wall Street’s Wildest Con, and will utilize Gould’s expert filmmaking prowess to create a movie that sounds somewhat similar to Wolf of Wall Street (sans the subplot about the Octopus). 

From Variety:

"“The HBO Films project will revolve around a colorful cast of rogues and schemers who create an audacious hedge fund fraud and then go on a wild search for ‘the Octopus,’ a secret and elite market that controls the world financial system. Gould is set to write and direct the telepic, as well as exec produce.”"

Previously, Gould had worked with HBO writing the 2011 movie Too Big To Fail, which was adapted from a novel about the collapse of Lehman Brothers during the 2008 financial crisis. Winning them oodles of award nominations as well as snagging a Writers’ Guild Award for adapted screenplay, Gould was to be an obvious choice for HBO.

The next episode of Better Call Saul premieres March 2nd. Catch a sneak peek of that episode below.

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