‘What color is this dress’ confused celebrities, too

A magical dress took the internet by storm on Thursday night, and even celebrities had no idea what color the thing was. 

What color was that damn dress? That is a question thousands of people have been asking on social media.

It all started with an innocent post online by Tumblr user swiked and it quickly turned in to a viral sensation. You can see the dress here. Was it white and gold? Was it blue and black? No one really seemed to know, but everyone had very strong opinions.

In our poll of more than 3,000 participants here on FanSided.com, 52 percent saw the dress as white and gold.

Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, the dress was creating plenty of debate and discussion. Even celebrities were getting involved in the discuss and one thing was for certain: the mysterious dress had split the nation.

Have a look at what some of the stars from Hollywood and the music industry had to say about the dress on social media. We will start with Anna Kendrick, because everyone loves her — and I happen to think she is right.