Glen Davis is so happy the Clippers won he’s dancing

The Los Angeles Clippers had a thrilling victory of the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight. It came down to the wire and an eventual Chris Paul dagger sealed it. The Clippers were obviously thrilled with a hard fought win over the road. Glen Davis got so happy about it all he could do was dance.

Yes, that is Glen “Big Baby” Davis video bombing Chris Paul’s post game interview. He’s got a little shimmy going on there, and surprisingly Paul keeps a straight face the entire time even when Davis gets a little close up with Paul near the end of the vine.

This is really the best part (from a fan perspective) of having Davis on your favorite team. Big Baby on the court will give fans a heart attack, but his antics can be pretty fun at times. Like the time he ate a big ole piece of turkey with the Magic.

Or this goofy hook shot

The 200000000 times he’s jumped into the crowd

And of course, the famous Shrek and Donkey moment.

Got to wonder if this was playing in Big Baby’s head as he danced.

Bottom line, Big Baby is gonna give you a heart attack on the court, but he can be fun sometimes otherwise.