New Age Of Ultron Poster Released


Marvel recently unveiled a new poster for the upcoming Age of Ultron movie.

Is there anything as too much Age Of Ultron media?

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With the premiere of the movie getting closer and closer with each day, the anticipation is reaching a boiling point. And it doesn’t help that Marvel constantly releases new bits of media to tease us with.

Such is the case with the latest movie poster we have for the film. In the poster, we see Ultron in all of his self-aware animatronic glory, looking over his shoulder and giving us the kind of look that can only say, “I’m going to enslave you for your own god damn good.”

Take a look below.

With stuff like this, one can’t help but think that the premiere cannot come close enough.

The poster comes off the heels of the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron movie trailer being dropped that shows us even more conention between our favorite superheroes. With Tony Stark fighting the Hulk and the Avengers team fighting a bunch of sentient robots, we can only expect the newest addition to the franchise to be epic as all heck.

Director of the film Joss Whedon has even recently admitted that the climax of the film is going to be a real world shaker.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st.

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