The search begins in the first teaser for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (Video)


Paramount Pictures offers fans a sneak peek at the action-packed thriller Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation ahead of the worldwide release of the first official trailer.

It was around June of 2014 when talks of the latest installment of the latest chapter in the Mission: Impossible series began to come into play. As the months passed by, and Paramount Pictures slowly but surely gave fans little pieces of what they could expect from the film, things really started to escalate.

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Now, as we begin to approach the film’s release date, anticipation is beginning to reach an all-time high. What was once known only as Mission: Impossible 5 now goes by a new name…Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

It seems as if Ethan Hunt, who will once again be played by Tom Cruise, and his team of super spies will have to come face to face with one of their most dangerous opponents yet; an International rogue organization who in addition to being just as skilled as they are, is determined to destroy the IMF.

In the first teaser for the upcoming action-packed thriller, which you can obviously see below, we get our first look at Hunt and his team as they prepare to come face to face with this very real threat, the Syndicate.

Judging solely by the tiny tidbits we have been afforded thus far, we have to say that the film looks pretty solid. The action in the film looks better than ever, with plenty of chases, explosions, guns, fists, and a decent share of deadly women to go around.

Surprisingly enough, there is even more good news on the horizon for Mission: Impossible fans today. This is not the only treat that the people at Paramount have in store for us today. In fact, it is pretty much just the tip of the iceberg. You see…later on today is going to be the Worldwide Trailer Premiere for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

This means that we’ll get to see even more of the action; the explosions, the fights, and everything you have come to love about a thriller like this one.

We all know that Ethan Hunt is a hard man to track down, let alone to kill, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. As we mentioned before, the Syndicate’s soul mission is to take down Hunt and the IMF, which means that they’ll have plenty of time on their hands to try and get the job right.

To us, it sounds like another day at the office for Ethan Hunt and his team.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 31, 2015.

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