Rock out with your knocks out in the new TV Spot for Pitch Perfect 2 (Video)


When their time at Barden University has come to an end, the Bellas will always remember the times they had together, as you can see in the new TV Spot for Pitch Perfect 2.

The Barden Bellas took the world by storm and breathed new life into a cappella back in 2012 when the film Pitch Perfect was unleashed on the world. Now, the Bellas are back and ready to pitch slap the entire world in the upcoming comedy Pitch Perfect 2.

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Back in February, we took a look at the latest trailer for the upcoming musical adventure that gave fans a closer look at some of the haters the Bellas would be up against in the new film.

Then, just yesterday we took a look at a new TV Spot for the film that showed Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca in the film, absolutely tearing up the Carrie Underwood hit “Before He Cheats.”

Now, we have a look at yet another TV Spot for the upcoming film that shows the Bellas as they get ready to hit the stage like never before as Fat Amy screams “Let’s Rock Out With Our Knocks Out!”

In the new TV Spot, which you can see below, we watch as the Bellas sit around and contemplate the road ahead of them when their time at Barden University has come to an end. It won’t be the performances or the cheers of the crowd that they will remember, but the time that they spent together as a family.

Of course, they’d be lying if they didn’t at least remember a little bit of the crazy shenanigans they had while onstage. We mean, come on…between Aubrey’s projectile vomiting and Fat Amy’s “thunder from down under,” there is certainly a lot of history to remember.

In Pitch Perfect 2, the Barden Bellas find themselves with quite a bit of competition. Unfortunately, after a little incident onstage that involved Fat Amy showing her cookies to everyone in the world, including the President of the United States, the Bellas found themselves suspended by the ICCA.

The only way for them to find their way back in is if they are able to win at the World Championship of A Cappella. That doesn’t sound so complicated for a group as talented as The Bellas, right? Well…unfortunately, no American team has ever won the competition and they are not exactly respected by their opponents.

The Bellas are going to have to come together and bring it unlike ever before if they have any hope of bringing down their European opponents. They may be a little eccentric and not so hot in the smack talk department, but they are definitely talented.

We sure hope the Sound Machine is prepared to be Pitch Slapped, because it won’t be long now!

Pitch Perfect 2 heads into theaters nationwide on May 15, 2015.

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