Boston’s 2024 Olympic dreams, pounded? (Video)

Boston’s chances at hosting the 2024 are looking less likely due to lack of support from the public.

The United States’ chance at hosting the 2024 Olympics seems to be drifting farther away. Many thought that when Boston submitted a bid for the event, they would be an early front-runner. Now, it’s looking like they are close to dropping out of the race completely.

Boston residents have began protesting hosting the Olympics. They fear that the city will spend more than its budget and they as taxpayers will clean up the financial mess. As of now, the bid is still alive while the state waits for a referendum in November 2016, but this could mean Boston is closer to backing out midway through the campaign.

The International Olympic Committee has their eye on the situation. USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky said, via the Boston Globe: “We believe that Boston can and should lead America’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and we are absolutely committed to our partnership with boston 2024 and their innovative concept for hosting games.”

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