Andrew Wiggins ended Omer Asik with no regard for human life (Video)


Yes, NBA defenders, keep challenging Andrew Wiggins at the rim and they keep losing no matter how tall they are.

No one is exactly sure when it happened, but Andrew Wiggins is learning that he can dunk just about anything.

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This must be terrifying for the rest of the NBA.

Wiggins has recently been throwing down powerful dunks much more often than he was for most of the year. He’s an athletic freak who is 6-foot-8, so it’s not surprising to see him consistency doing it. Tonight his Minnesota Timberwolves went against a New Orleans Pelicans team that was fighting for their playoff lives, and Wiggins was able to do it again.

Omer Asik is one of the best defensive players in the NBA and tries to protect everything at the rim, so plays like this are bound to happen to him. What’s really impressive to see is how Wiggins and Asik connect, but Wiggins’ momentum continues to carry him higher until he has enough room to flush it.

Wiggins finished the game with 15 points (31 percent shooting) and six rebounds.

While Wiggins stole the moment with that dunk, it was the Pelicans who stole the night with a 100-88 victory. It was a must-win game for the Pelicans who are trying to get the last playoff spot in the West. The Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder are fighting for that last spot, and each team is 44-37 with only one game remaining. New Orleans holds the tiebreaker, so they will automatically get into the playoffs if they beat the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night.

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