Yankees fan and Orioles fan throw down in the stands (Video)


Things got a bit heated recently between a Baltimore Orioles fan and a New York Yankees fan in the stands during the series

Being together in the always competitive American League East, it’s no secret that the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees are rivals on the field. Now when you have a situation like this, the hate generally spreads to the respective fan bases, and as we all know, sometimes that animosity between the fans leads to some brawls every now and then in the stands.

That being said, here is your latest installment of New York Yankees fan and Baltimore Orioles fan getting a little physical with one another.

The Yanks and O’s recently wrapped up their first series of the season against each other, and during the finale at one point, these two in the stands just started going at one another right there in the stands. Thankfully, the whole ordeal was captured on video.

Yep, not the first time that we’ve seen an incident like this and it most certainly won’t be the last. Hopefully when the Yankees return to Baltimore later this year, these two don’t come face-to-face with one another again.

Well, that is if they’re even allowed in the stadium anymore.

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