Lady Antebellum’s tour bus catches on fire


Lady Antebellum’s tour bus caught fire this week while on its way to Dallas.

Lady Antebellum’s tour bus caught on fire last Thursday. Luckily, everyone made it off of the bus safe and sound. Singer Hillary Scott took to Instagram to break the news.

It is amazing that no one was injured. There were four people on the bus, Scott, her husband, their tour manager, and the bus driver. The bus looks like it has been burnt to a crisp. How any tour bus catches on fire is beyond me. Apparently the fire was started after a tire blew and ignited. Life is a highway and sometimes your tour bus just spontaneously ignites on the way to Dallas.

A picture of the shredded tire that caused the fire was also posted to Instagram. It certainly is not pretty. The wheel is completely shredded and the area surrounding it is charred black from the flames. Wood is visible from where the fire burned through the tour bus’ exterior and into the cabin.

According to Scott, everything in the back of the bus was burnt to a crisp except for her bible, which was untouched by the flames. It seems as if Jesus took the wheel and allowed everyone to get off the bus safely.

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