Skip Bayless thinks Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather (Video)

ESPN First Take pundit Skip Bayless thinks Manny Pacquiao defeated Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night.

On Saturday night after the bell to end the 12th round rang, Floyd Mayweather was announced as the winner by unanimous decision. His opponent, Manny Pacquiao, didn’t think so and told Max Kellerman he thought he won.

That caught Kellerman off guard who responded with: “You thought you won the fight? Why?”

Well Pacquiao isn’t the only one who thinks so, ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless is on his side as well. There was a bet between Stephen A. Smith and Bayless about who would win, and resulted in Bayless wearing “The Money Team” apparel on the show.

When he came on the show, wearing Mayweather apparel, Bayless started off with saying that Smith “thinks he was victorious.”

He was delusional in his post-fight rant on Twitter saying Pacquiao won.

Then he continued to defend his opinion on Monday morning in a very delusional and crazy manner. He started by taking off the Mayweather gear, despite having to wear it for the whole show per the bet, and throwing it at the camera.

He then screams that it is his turn to talk on this show and the crazy comes flowing out like an avalanche.

Watch it below: