MLB Power Rankings: Cardinals move to the top of the food chain

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Power Rankings

With one month officially in the books, our MLB Power Rankings are officially taking a decided shape, with the top of the field separating themselves from the rest of the pack.


After four straight weeks with the same team at the top of our rankings, we finally have a shift among the Major League Baseball power houses. No longer are the Detroit Tigers ruling the roost, there is a brand new player in town. Well, maybe not a “brand new” player.

But before we get that far, it is worth noting that this is the first week that we’ve had a clear consensus for the top spot among our four voters. However, outside of the top-nine, things really got interesting. Considering all of the teams floating at or near .500, or playing above or below expectations to the point where we’re not sure what teams will step up or fall by the wayside.

In other words, there is a lot that still needs to happen before we can start to get a clear picture of who the front-runners really are. However, with each passing week, that picture starts to get a bit clearer. Until then, let’s roll forward with this week’s MLB Power Rankings!

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