Tampa dentist offers Jameis Winston free check-up with no crab legs

A Tampa-area dentist office recently offered newly-drafted No. 1 overall quarterback Jameis Winston free dental work, but no crab legs to go with it.

Jameis Winston has just about everything going for him right now. He’s coming off a successful career with Florida State, he was just drafted No. 1 overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team just hours away from his college, and he’s being offered free things by people everywhere, it seems.

When you’re famous and the No. 1 pick in the NFL, you are going to be the subject of a ton of gift-giving by random fans and local businesses. For one local business, South Tampa Dentistry, offering Jameis free dental work is the least they could do — especially after denying him crab legs.

Apparently, the local dentist still thinks it’s funny to make jabs at Jameis’ troubled past pertaining to stolen crab legs — and so do a lot of people.

Just see for yourself.

If you don’t know about Jameis’ past because you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the rookie quarterback was the topic of a crab legs-related crime. In April of 2014, Winston decided to head to a local Publix grocery store to pick up some essentials which, in his case, were his favorite meal of crab legs.

Jameis headed over to the seafood section where he asked the employee for a certain amount, walked away for a while as the man readied them and wrapped them up for him and then came back, swiped them off the counter and left the store without paying.

The surveillance cameras caught this happening as he snuck right by the store’s security right out the store with the un-purchased goods.

If you thought at the time that he would never live that down, you were right. Actually, Winston even took a jab at his own misfortune on draft night Thursday by taking a picture with his new team’s hat on as a plate of crab legs was sitting in front of him.

Many believed that he was trolling by taking the picture, but he claimed otherwise. Either way, he’s never going to live it down. Now that local dentist offices are even taking advantage of the long-lived joke, the end is nowhere in sight.

On the bright side, however, Winston gets free dental work and his pearly whites will get even pearly-whiter — and this time free is a good thing.