Brian Cuban calls out Chris Broussard over Mark Cuban tweet

DeAndre Jordan burned the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday by backing out of his verbal commitment to sign with them, but the drama extended way beyond that. 

The Dallas Mavericks had a very bad day on Wednesday, one that was rivaled by an equally bad day by Chris Broussard from After he went viral for getting into a Twitter flame war with fellow ESPN colleague Bomani Jones over the idea of premarital sex, he seemed to drop the ball on his reporting of the DeAndre Jordan hostage crisis.

Jordan backed out of his verbal commitment to sign with the Dallas Mavericks and was convinced to re-sign with the Clippers. This obviously didn’t sit well with Mark Cuban, and Chris Broussard dug right in with one of his patent ‘Source’ tweets.

When it was revealed that Mark Cuban had given up his pursuit of DeAndre Jordan, Chris Broussard from ESPN. com tweeted out that the Mavs owner was basically acting like someone who had just been broken up with and was “beside himself”.

There were a few things that raised red flags about this on basketball twitter. For starters, this entire drama with DeAndre Jordan went down in Houston and not Dallas. This would mean Cuban didn’t even make the trip to Houston — something that was immediately refuted.

Mark Cuban’s brother had some very unkind words for Chris Broussard, who either had his fact mixed up or was just straight making things up.

This isn’t to say Cuban isn’t distraught, as he just got burned in the worst way. But to think that he’s driving around Dallas is too perfect to be true.