Meek Mill responds to Drake, say’s he’ll give OVO a wedgie (Video)


Meek Mill had a response for Drake going off on him the other night and he may have dug himself a deeper hole

This week it seemed pretty crystal clear that Drake had all but ended his feud with Meek Mill. During OVO Fest, Drake went on stage and buried Meek Mill, spouting off his diss track while hilarious memes of Meek Mill played on the screen in the background. From there, the best course of action might have been for Meek to just take the loss and be quiet.

Well, that wasn’t the case. Although, after what happened on Tuesday night, it might have been in Meek Mill’s best interest to keep that mouth shut and take the L.

At a concert in Charlotte, Meek Mill addressed the beef, and while he did so, he proclaimed that he wants to give the whole OVO crew a wedgie. Yes — a wedgie.


A wedgie. After all Drake has done to this man, he freestyles a bit and then says he wants to give them all wedgies. This is something that came out of his mouth and there’s proof above. You might have to watch it a few times to let it sink in, but yep, he said it. Now I get where he was kinda coming from, more or less insinuating that they’re like little kids to him. But still, after everything, you have to come up with something better than a wedgie, dude.

It was a valiant effort (I think) by Meek to try to get back on track here, but if anything, he may have taken about two steps back.

If we’re all lucky, though, purely for entertainment purposes, this whole beef will end with a water gun fight.

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