Justin Bieber threatened to be cuffed by security after Floyd Mayweather fight (Video)

Justin Bieber just wanted to get to Floyd Mayweather after his fight this past weekend, but security wasn’t having it

This past weekend, Floyd Mayweather (allegedly) wrapped up his boxing career with another decision victory, this time over Andre Berto. That win tied him with Rocky Marciano at 49-0 for his career, so it was a time to celebrate with friends and family in the ring. Well, all friends except Justin Bieber, apparently.

Following the win, Bieber, who was sitting near the ring, tried to get to his buddy Mayweather so he can take it all in as well. Apparently, one security guard either didn’t know how tight the two were or didn’t know who Bieber was, because he was not having any of the pop star trying to get into that ring.

Things got so escalated that Bieber was threatened to be put in cuffs if he didn’t calm down.

The video was recently uploaded by TMZ and you can view it below.

It’s always funny when you see a celebrity get shut down by security like that, but it’s a little funnier when it happens to Justin Bieber. Basically, anything is funnier when it happens to Justin Bieber. That guard was having none of his nonsense and he would have been more than happy to slap those cuffs on him if he had to.

Unfortunately, with Floyd being retired now (ALLEGEDLY), we won’t get another one of these again.

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