You can see ‘Spectre’ every single day for free with the Ultimate Ticket, kinda


Regal has announced an Ultimate Ticket for Spectre, and Bond fans can see the movie every single day for free — kinda. 

Bond fans are patiently waiting until November when Spectre finally hits theaters and we can see where the story leads us after the events of Skyfall. We still have a ways to go before we get to that release date but it’s going to sneak up on us before we know it, which means it’s time for promotions to roll in and try to cash-in on the hype about the movie.

Regal is trying to do that with a promotion that on the surface seems stupid but could end up being something that might actually hit with Bond fans. The company is offering an Ultimate Ticket for Spectre that actually has some pretty cool strings dangling from it to lure in fans.

According to the promotion, you can see Spectre every day that it’s out for free — after you pay $100 for the card.

Credit: Regal

This seems like a gimmicky and stupid promotion, which is really is, but at the same time you have to consider the fact that you’re sitting there right now seriously thinking about getting one.

If you do the math, it might actually be worth it. On the surface it’s a pass to see Spectre as many times as you want for free at a Regal Cinema. If you’re already going to go see the movie — probably multiple times — and Regal is your local cinema, then it starts to make some sort of sense. Movies cost around $11 to $15 which means you could see the film roughly six to eight times and make back your money. Add in the cost of popcorn and you’re looking at around $30 per viewing — which is what you’re meant to think about when considering the price.

There’s also the fact that beyond the use of the card, you have a limited edition, personalized once-in-a-lifetime collectable that will forever be displayed alongside your other James Bond memorabilia. It’s a really cool looking card, that not only shows off your love of Bond but makes you a part of your own memorabilia collection.

It’s not completely worth the price, but if you’re a Bond fan who splurges on this limited edition card, no one is going to judge you.

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