Spectre rumored to be longest Bond film ever at just under 3 hours


James Bond movies aren’t typically marathons, but Spectre might shatter the mold with a rumored three hour runtime. 

The James Bond franchise is one that is long in history but not necessarily long in theatrical runtime. Typically, the films eclipse the two-hour runtime when it comes to how much action is packed into one film, but it’s rare to see a film stretch much further beyond that.

All of that could be changing with the release of Spectre in November. Right now there isn’t a specific runtime available for the film, but it’s starting to look like this might be the longest Bond film ever made. According to Empire Cinema, the runtime on Spectre will be 155 minutes, which translates to roughly two and a half hours long — the longest runtime in Bond history.

One outlet lists the runtime on Spectre to be 160 minutes, which would be pushing towards three-hours long.

The previous record is currently held by the first Daniel Craig Bond film, Casino Royale, which clocked in at 143 minutes while On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which was 142 minutes long.

No one should be complaining about a longer Bond movie, as you’re getting more bang for your buck. People always make a big deal about movies that are too long, but you’re getting more movie for the same amount of money you would to see a film with a tighter run time. The only downside to this might be that the longer a movie is, the more time it has to get concluded or have parts of it that could have been axed but were included instead.

We see that all the time with movies that are ‘too long’, but there’s hope that a longer runtime for Spectre means more answers and more action from Bond. One of the most hated films int he franchise is Quantum of Solace, which clocked in at 108 minutes and would have benefited from being longer and including more context from Casino Royale to make it fit better as a stand alone Bond film.

There’s good that comes with the major risk of having a film with a long runtime, and hopefully Spectre uses every minute it can.

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