Philip Rivers throws pass to back of someone’s helmet (Video)


The Philip Rivers era in San Diego has been interesting, with a mixture of great passes combined with awful ones. 

When you have Philip Rivers under center for you, there’s always the chance of something amazing happening. You have to use ‘amazing’ rather loosely though, as it can cover everything from spectacular passes to throws that go to the back of players’ helmets.

The latter of which scenarios happened on Sunday afternoon against the Minnesota Vikings.

In what can only be described as the most Philip Rivers pass of the day, the Chargers quarterback accurately hit the back of his offensive lineman’s helmet.

Rivers isn’t the type of quarterback that you can really get that mad at over this. He’s never been a guy who is on the Tom Brady or Peyton Manning level of greatness, but at the same time he’s in the upper tier of quarterbacks in the NFL.

Of course, no one is immune to the follies of throwing the football to the back of someone’s helmet — apparently — and all that was missing was a Rivers freakout to make this a complete moment.