Jim Cantore stakes his claim to be Lee Corso’s replacement on College GameDay


Jim Cantore’s method of selecting picks for College GameDay is unprecedented and awesome.

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At first, College GameDay‘s decision to use Jim Cantore as a guest picker was a bit questionable. Sure, Cantore is a man’s man. Dude is pretty much the Lord of Lightning, the Sultan of Snow, the weatherman that buries videobombers six feet under ground.

But still … that doesn’t make for a great guest. Hell, the guy wasn’t even on set. And really, though his picks segment Big Jim was lukewarm at best.

I mean he wasn’t Ryan Lochte …

… but he was definitely no Bill Murray.

But then, out of nowhere, Cantore ripped off a line that bascially sets him at the front of the class for College GameDay pickers. When breaking down the Notre Dame-Clemson tilt, Big Jim simply explained that he met a girl at the bar last night, she said he should go with Clemson, and therefore the Tigers are his pick.

Pretty sure Jim Cantore just planted his flag on GameDay‘s lawn to become Lee Corso’s replacement.

Look, once Coach retires there’s no way the show trots out headgear picks ever again. They need a new schtick.

Why not have Cantore roll out all the girls he meets at college bars to make the picks? It’s like “Todd’s Taste of the Town” only we’ll call it “Cantore’s Coed Confirmation.” We follow Jim to a bar, have him carrouse with the locals and then come up with a pick. That’ll suck the Millennials right in.

Even better, GameDay can schedule its locations around natural disasters. Mudslides in Northern California? We’re taking it on the road to Stanford. Storms ripping through the Midwest? Sooner country it is. With one line Jim Cantore has reinvigorated College GameDay.

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