Dabo Swinney is fed up with people talking about ‘Clemsoning’ (Video)

People tend to use the term “Clemsoning” when it comes to blowing leads, and quite frankly, Dabo Swinney has had enough

The Clemson Tigers moved to 5-0 on the season Saturday with their 43-24 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, but after the game was over, there was not much joy at Dabo Swinney’s press conference. Actually, we may have seen the Clemson head coach madder than he has ever been before.

Why was this? Well, a reporter in the press conference brought up a question about “Clemsoning.” For those that don’t really know what that is, Clemson does have some history of blowing some late leads against teams that they’re expected to beat. Given the success of the Tigers lately, it’s sort of irrelevant at this point, but people like to use it anyway.

Anyway, Swinney was asked the question and he finally hit that breaking point. He went off at the fact that the subject was even brought up in the first place.

Again, you really can’t blame him at this point. Even this year, there was nothing to suggest that there is “Clemsoning” anymore. Yeah, last week they nearly blew a 21-3 lead against Notre Dame, but that was a talented Irish team and we all knew this coming in.

So, that being said, Swinney pretty much had every right to let his feelings known.