Uhh, this James Harden bobblehead doesn’t really look like James Harden

via @RedNinetyFour on Twitter dot com

via @RedNinetyFour on Twitter dot com

The Houston Rockets had a miserable start to the 2015-16 campaign. In fact, it was an all-time bad start to a season, as they became the first team to lose their first three games by 20-plus points.

Earlier tonight though they got back on track with an impressive win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. James Harden bounced back from his putrid shooting performance against the Heat the other day to drop 37 points, and the Rockets won 110-105.

Next up for the Rockets is a matchup against the feisty Orlando Magic on Wednesday night. At the game, fans will be receiving a James Harden bobblehead, which is pretty cool. Who doesn’t like a nice bobblehead?

Except, you see, there’s a bit of a problem. Because the bobblehead doesn’t really look like James Harden.

Like, okay, you can tell that it’s supposed to be James Harden, and I realize there’s only so much you can do with a bobblehead that is going to be distributed to 10,000-plus fans.

But still, like, this bobblehead is so disrespectful. My gosh. Why did they use Pablo Picasso’s drawing of James Harden for the template instead of, I don’t know, a picture of James Harden?

If I’m Harden I sit out Wednesday night’s game in protest.