Nothing lasts forever, except the good Isaiah meme


When I look across the timeline

I can see the other memes

But my love’s for the Isaiah pic

Don’t you know it reigns supreme

Nothing lasts forever

And Danny likes to trade

But retweets are everlasting

On the good Isaiah meme

We’ve been through this such a long, long time

Just trying to post dank memes

And point guards always come and point guards always go

And no one really knows, who’s starting for the Celts today

If we took the time to post it on the timeline

I could rest my head

Knowing Cavs fans were mad online

So if you can’t help but hate it

Then just worry ’bout your own team

Cause I’ll just keep on tweeting

The good Isaiah meme


Don’t you spend some time… mad online

Everybody spends some time… mad online

The Isaiah pic makes Cavs fans… mad online

Sports fan men spend some time… mad online


Don’t ya think you need some memes

Don’t ya think you need one meme

Everybody needs one meme

Isaiah is the only one

Isaiah is the only one


(Lyrics in normal font by Jack Maloney, lyrics in italics by Ryan Hebert)