Johnny Manziel smashes Surface tablet into head after pick


Johnny Manziel throws an interception and then smashed his Microsoft Surface tablet against his head.

Late in the first half at home versus the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Johnny Manziel threw a costly interception and let out his frustrations on the bench by smashing his Microsoft Surface tablet against his skull while sitting on the bench.

Manziel’s Browns are the worst team in football, boasting a 2-10 record entering Week 14. Having a lead this year for the Browns is a rarity and Manziel knows that. He like the rest of his teammates need to play better if the Browns want to reach three wins in 2015.

However smashing a tablet against one’s head does not get the playbook or the game plan more into one’s noggin. The last thing the Browns need is to have their 2014 first round pick sidelined with a self-inflicted concussion via tablet.

It’s comical in some capacity as the team’s normal starting quarterback Josh McCown is sitting just to the right of Manziel in a sling because of a broken collar-bone. McCown is out for the year and all that remains under center for Cleveland is Manziel and journeyman quarterback Austin Davis.

It has been a frustrating year for both Manziel and the entire Browns organization. When the team’s 23-year old starting quarterback is resorting to smashing his tablet against his skull to get try to extract more information out of the device, then it’s painfully obvious that this team is in trouble. “The files are in the computer!”