Han Solo might return for Star Wars Episode 8

Star Wars The Force Awakens came out this weekend, and there’s hope Han Solo will return for Episode VIII. 

Before you even start reading, be warned that there are some serious spoilers ahead that could ruin your virgin viewing of the Force Awakens. No one wants that so just stop here and return after you’ve seen the movie.

Trust us, you’ll want to.

it's a trap

Alright, you’ve been warned.

The biggest spoiler in The Force Awakens is that Han Solo dies much like Obi-Wan does in A New Hope. The movie is basically a reboot of that film, and Han is killed by Kylo Ren — who was earlier revealed to be his son who turned to the Dark Side.

Ou last image of Han is of him touching his son’s face and then falling to his death after being stabbed by a lightsaber. Fans are already in denial about this, even though we knew it was probably coming. That being said, this doesn’t mean we’ve necessarily seen the last of Han Solo or Harrison Ford.

The whole story of Kylo Ren turning to the Dark Side is deeply rooted in Han and the way he was raised. This was implied when Leia told Han that sending Ren — who is actually named Ben Solo — away to be trained by Luke was when she lost them both. There’s so much exposition there that you have to think Han will return in some form to fill in the blanks in future films.

If nothing else, this new Star Wars trilogy has already established that visions are a thing, and if Rey can have a vision about her Jedi future, then surely if Ren has a vision or fights his inner demons, he very well may see Han. Harrison Ford clearly won’t be back for meaty action in Star Wars, but it’s not impossible to see I’m returning as a Force Ghost-esque vision that speaks to Ren a he battles the darkness within him.

Do you think Han should come back or would it be more powerful to just leave him dead and gone?