NFL Power Rankings: Patriots climb entering Week 16

FanSided's NFL Power Rankings have been updated following the Super Bowl.
FanSided's NFL Power Rankings have been updated following the Super Bowl. /
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(6-8). Previous: . indianapolis colts. 20. team. 46. <p>Here’s a story. Once upon a time Andre Johnson was a franchise player for the Houston Texans. He was there through the good years; he hung tough during the lean ones. Johnson was a cornerstone for a franchise that, frankly, had its fair share of ups and downs.</p> <p>Then the 2015 offseason came around and Johnson had a decision to make: labor along with his incumbent team, who was still a few years away from being respectable and needed a quarterback, or jump across the division to a apparent burgeoning dynasty in In Indianapolis. Johnson ended up signing with Indy, who at the time looked like a heavy favorite to make the Super Bowl.</p> <p>Fast forward to Week 15, and the Houston Texans waltz into Indianapolis, beat the Colts and all but steal the AFC South. Andre Johnson was felled by his former squad. That’s a bitter pill for a well-respected veteran.</p> <p>As for the game itself, well, it was not pretty. It’s hard to decipher what the biggest lowlight was for Indy. Was it 40-year old Warrior Matt Hasselbeck getting knocked out of the game in the fourth quarter? Was it Clipboard Jesus Charlie Whitehurst subbing in and actually dirtying his uniform? Or was it the realization that a broken-down Hasselbeck is better than a fresh Whitehurst, and Chuck Pagano trotting out his elderly quarterback to absorb more punishment while closing the game.</p> <p>Indy was beaten by Brandon Weeden. ‘Nuff said.</p>

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