What time does Walmart open the day after Christmas?

Shopping giant Walmart will be open bright and early the day after Christmas for all your returns and gift card buying.


There are few days of the calendar year where Walmart closes its doors, but Christmas Day is in fact one of them. The shopping behemoth actually closes on Christmas Eve  at 8:00 PM and remains closed for all of the Christmas holiday, making sure its employees have quality time to rest and spend with their families.

But don’t worry folks, they open back up bright and early the day after Christmas.

That’s right. While Walmart may warm its heart for just a few hours to acknowledge the Christmas holiday, it is also realistic that there is a lot of shopping to do the day after Christmas too. From the flood of returns to those looking to spend the mountain of funds acquired via gift cards, Walmart has you covered the day after Christmas.

So what time exactly does Walmart open on December 26th?

Walmart locations that open and close like normal stores will do so accordingly to their normal store hours. Therefore, if your local Walmart normally opens at 10:00 AM, that is when you can start lining up outside the front doors.

If you live in a community that has a 24-hour Walmart, and chances are you do, the store will open up at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning and will immediately return to its 24-hour practices against until December 24, 2016.

So get your returns ready, pile up those gift cards, and get your bargain hunting shoes ready.