Solange Dimitrios


Solange: You like married women, don’t you James.

Bond: It keeps things simple.

Name: Solange Dimitrios

Appearances: Casino Royale

Portrayed By: Caterina Murino


Solange Dimitrios was the wife of Alex Dimitrios. Alex Dimitrios was a criminal affiliated with Quantum, the secretive organization behind the events of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Bond uses Solange in order to locate Alex.

Relationship to Bond

Bond first becomes connected to Solange in the scene following the opening titles sequence in Casino Royale. In Madagascar, Bond gives chase to Mollaka, a criminal bomb maker contracted by Solange’s husband Alex Dimitrios. Dimitrios is working for Le Chiffre, who is planning to use Mollaka’s bomb making skills to blow up a newly-unveiled jet in order to profit from the company’s plummeting stock.

Following this interaction with Mollaka, Bond locates Alex Dimitrios at a poker game in the Bahamas. During this game, Dimitrios wages his Aston Martin DB5, which Bond wins.

Bond then meets with Solange and seduces her. After engaging with her intimately, he gets her to reveal her husband’s location, which is Miami.

In Miami, Bond finds Alex Dimitrios at a museum that is hosting the Body Worlds exhibit. Dimitrios is in the process of covertly passing on a package containing the explosives necessary to destroy the jet. Dimitrios holds Bond at knifepoint, but, after a struggle, Bond stabs Dimitrios with the knife. Later, Bond foils the plan to destroy the jet.


Following Bond foiling Le Chiffre’s plan to destroy the jet, Le Chiffre orders the execution of Solange because of her involvement in Bond’s success. Bond and M discover Solange’s corpse in a pool in Nassau. In this scene, M recognizes Bond’s cold ability to remain emotionally detached to civilians on the job.

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