Will Forte shaved half his head, face for FOX party (Photo)

Credit: Bilou (Twitter)
Credit: Bilou (Twitter) /

Actor Will Forte sported a unique, half-shaved look for a FOX party on Friday night

Will Forte is the star of one of the most successful television shows on FOX right now in “Last Man on Earth.” Subsequently, it’s not surprising that the Saturday Night Live alum was on the list for FOX’s All-Star party on Friday night out in California. What was a bit surprising was the look that Forte chose to sport to the party.

While many actors and other celebrities turn heads with odd choices of suits and dresses, Forte took a different route to gain everyone’s attention. He went about doing so by shaving half of his head and face. When I say that he shaved half of his head and face, that is not an exaggeration as he shaved every bit of hair on one side of his head while making a dividing line and leaving the other side untouched:

That is the most nightmarish nightmare fuel imaginable right there. Even stranger is that there doesn’t really seem to be any adequate explanation of why he went about doing this to himself other than just to be funny or entertaining.

Though the look is definitely freaky, it is undeniably entertaining and attention grabbing, if for no other reason than the unshaven portion of his face is so covered in hair that the contrast is just wild.

Let’s just hope that this isn’t a trend that starts because of Forte’s look on Friday night. Our eyes and emotions aren’t prepared for that.