Zaza Pachulia isn’t an All-Star starter because Hayes Grier can’t vote correctly

Zaza Pachulia came just short of being a starter in the NBA All-Star Game and would’ve made it if Hayes Grier knew how to vote

The starters for both the Eastern and Western Conferences in the 2016 NBA All-Star Game were announced on Thursday night. There were obviously a few snubs and players that may have deserved to be in the starting lineup that fell short in the fan voting, but the most curious happening was the fourth-placed player in the West frontcourt in terms of voting: Dallas Mavericks center Zaza Pachulia.

Despite being nothing more than a slightly above-average NBA center this season for the Mavs, Pachulia finished just 14,227 votes away from being a starter in the West frontcourt and even received more votes than Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green. However, Zaza may have actually made it into the All-Star Game had Vine sensation Hayes Grier understood how the voting worked on Twitter.

On Jan. 15, Grier—yes, he is the younger brother of former Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier who was suspended for the season for a positive PED test—said that he would follow anyone who retweeted or tweeted a vote for Zaza. The only problem is that he didn’t vote properly as he included the hashtag #NBAVOTEZAZA rather than the proper form of “#NBAVote Zaza Pachulia” that should have been used:

Even worse, Grier’s fame on the Internet had the wrong hashtag trending in several countries and areas around the world:

As you can see by the number of tweets that contained the wrong hashtag, had they been properly formatted, Pachulia would be among the All-Star starters and likely by a comfortable margin ahead of Kawhi Leonard.

Whether or not you think his play has warranted a starting nod, Zaza got boned by a Vine star getting his teen fan-base to retweet and tweet the wrong hashtag out. It’s okay, Zaza; you’re a starter in our hearts.