50 Best Sports Movies Ever

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Many have been made, some have been deemed classics, and others have been criminally under-appreciated. The question is, what is the greatest sports movie of all-time?

The power of film has become undeniable in the world of sports. Whether it’s a before-its-time release that touches upon issues that rise to prominence in future years, a compelling work of fiction that appeals to our senses, or a reenactment of true events, cinema can tell a story like no other medium.

It simply wouldn’t be a sports debate if we weren’t to ask the eternal question of the hour: What is the greatest sports movie of all-time?

Before moving forward with the list, it must be noted that parameters have been set to determine which films do and do not qualify. Documentaries will not be considered, as they deserve a list of their own, and films that include sports, but aren’t based on the sport, will be excluded altogether.

Thus, classics such as Hoop Dreams and The Hurricane will be left off.

Other movies may be ranked lower than they deserve to be based strictly upon the quality of the film. Those placed ahead may pale in comparison by conventional standards, but earn a slight advantage when touching strictly upon cinematic representation of the sport.

Once again, the question beckons: What is the greatest sports film of all-time?

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