The Bachelor Season 20 finale: Twitter reacts to Ben’s decision


Ben Higgins made his decision on The Bachelor and Twitter wasn’t happy about it. 

The Bachelor wrapped up its 20th season tonight, and Ben Higgins finally chose between two women he both told that he loved. Everything came down to JoJo and Lauren B, and Ben’s decision is one that social media is still buzzing about.

If you haven’t seen the finale of The Bachelor, then stop here because it’s going to get spoiled. But we’re so mad about who Ben chose that it’s hard to care if this post ruins The Bachelor for you — so sorry, not sorry.

Alright, final warning

Basically, the entire internet’s reaction was the same to watching a confused man confusingly profess his love to two women but only choose one.

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That woman was not JoJo. Twitter was less than thrilled: