5 surprises from the Batman v Superman cast on Conan


The cast and director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appeared on Conan and revealed some surprising facts about the movie.

While Warner Bros. is scrambling to make its upcoming DC Extended Universe films lighter and more fun, maybe they should just invite the Batman v Superman cast to riff with Conan O’Brien for a while. That’s exactly what happened on the March 31 episode of Conan, which devoted the entire program to the cast and director of the film.

Conan’s nervous, slightly self-deprecating interview style is well established as part of his shtick by now, yet it still manages to bring out the funniest parts of guests. That certainly was the case with the Batman v Superman bunch, as everyone from Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill to Jesse Eisenberg delivered some hilarious moments.

With tongues very much in cheeks, here were five surprising revelations about Batman v Superman from Conan:

Henry Cavill missed the first call about BvS from Zack Snyder because he was playing World of Warcraft

Because he was busy with a “very difficult part of a dungeon,” Cavill says he saw the call was from Snyder but missed it. He did call the director back, which is simply the polite thing to do. Later, when Conan reminded Cavill that he once compared playing Superman to sex, he memorably noted that in Batman v Superman, it was “like sex but with a really aggressive partner.”

Christian Bale’s advice for Ben Affleck on playing Batman was … interesting

According to Affleck, his first meeting with Bale, the previous Dark Knight occurred when both men were shopping for Halloween costumes. While Ben graciously said he couldn’t live up to Christian’s portrayal of Batman, he did say that Bale’s lone piece of advice was, “Just make sure you have a zipper in that suit,” recalling that he had to go to the bathroom really badly for three straight films. Affleck also seemed genuinely surprised that Bale was British when they bumped into each other.

The original Amazons were missing some “heart”

When Conan asked current Wonder Woman Gal Gadot if she was aware of any criticism of her casting, she said she knew some fanboys didn’t think she was busty enough. She then flabbergasted O’Brien by claiming that she was still an improvement over the original Amazons, who had only one breast each — removing the other because it would interfere with their archery. Affleck helpfully explained the whole thing to the host. Gadot’s story checks out, by the way, historically speaking.

Zod was a naked wax dummy with someone else’s genitals

Jesse Eisenberg kicked things off by saying he hadn’t even seen Batman v Superman (something Holly Hunter would later use against him) because he hates watching his own performances. But his big highlight was saying that the wax dummy used to portray the corpse of Zod recreated actor Michael Shannon in perfect detail — except that it had different genitals. Eisenberg mused that Shannon must not have signed off on that page of the waiver.

The real reason Batman and Superman fought was a shocker

This one was all Conan. While talking to Diane Lane, who played Martha Kent, O’Brien produced a still from the movie Hollywoodland that showed Lane and Affleck in bed together. Batman slept with Superman’s mom? Yeah, that’s reason enough for a throwdown between the world’s most famous superheroes.

You might not be able to watch Batman v Superman quite the same way again. For lots more from the hour-long conversation, including what superpower Amy Adams would want, Laurence Fishburne talking about his days as a bouncer and Eisenberg getting pretty excited about a slumber party with Gadot and Adams, check out the entire episode when it hits TeamCoco.com.