Maryse returns on WWE Raw to help The Miz defeat Zack Ryder (Video)

Former WWE Diva Maryse made her return to Raw on Monday night.

Around the mid-way point of Monday Night Raw, Zack Ryder came out to cut a promo on his WrestleMania 32 victory. He defeated six other Superstars in the opening match to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship and get the WrestleMania moment he had been waiting for.

However, moments in, The Miz came out to interrupt. The B-lister was about to win the title on Sunday before Ryder pushed him off the ladder to grab the belt.

Miz would demand a title shot and after a few minutes, Ryder gave in.

These two ended up putting on a solid match. Toward the end, though, with Miz and Ryder at ringside, the former WWE Champion got in the face of Zack’s father. This led to Miz being shoved down.

Then, out of nowhere, former WWE Diva Maryse (Miz’s wife) confronted Ryder’s father and slapped him. With the Broski distracted in the ring, Miz quickly pinned him and won the Intercontinental Championship.

The interesting question is if Maryse is going to be back full-time after being gone for a few years. She would probably work as Miz’s manager and add another dimension to his character. This could certainly work if it’s going to be a thing.

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