These heroes will (probably) be in the Justice League Action animated series


The upcoming Cartoon Network series looks like it will have someone for nearly every fan of DC superheroes.

Almost as soon as Justice League Action, the upcoming animated series that will hit Cartoon Network this fall, was announced, fans wanted to know one simple thing: Which heroes will be in it?

Thanks to Batpedia (and to for relaying the info), we have an answer. Probably.

It comes from concept art shown off at an animation and marketing conference in Malaysia. Take a look:

Along with the DC Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, you can see Shazam, the Kimiyo Hoshi version of Doctor Light, Mister Terrific, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Lobo and this writer’s personal favorite of this bunch, Doctor Fate. A nice assortment of villains is on that slide too.

Since it’s unlikely even the most skillful writers can cram a dozen heroes into an 11-minute episode, the guess here is that Justice League Action will feature the Trinity all the time while keeping the “every hero is a member of the JLA” ethos of Justice League Unlimited so that other characters come and go as the missions dictate. At least that should mean almost everyone’s favorite shows up at some point.

No exact premiere date has been announced yet for Justice League Action, which features Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill leading an all-star voice cast, but we do know it’s set to debut on Cartoon Network later this year.

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