Orange is the New Black viewers can’t stop watching Netflix show

Orange is the New Black Season 4 came out on Friday, but chances are you’ve been watching old episodes to gear up for the new season on Netflix.

June 17 was circled on the calendars of Orange is the New Black fans for months since it was announced the Netflix Original series would be returning with 13 all new episodes for its fourth season.

The show won’t be going away in the near future either with three more seasons of the Jenji Kohan series already renewed by Netflix to air over the next three summers.

You may have already known that if you’re a die-hard OITNB fan, but did you know the series is one of the most re-watched shows on Netflix with 53 percent of survey participants saying they’ve revisited at least one of the show’s first three seasons.

The results came from a Google survey that ran from June 2-10 and received 1,613 responses from Netflix subscribers in North America and the U.K., according to Variety.

In advance of the June 17 premiere, I had to catch up with everyone from Litchfield penitentiary so I could hit the ground running with the new season. And simply revisiting Season 3 wasn’t going to be enough, I had to rewatch the entire series.

Those results mirror what the survey found as 21 percent said they watch the previous season while 41 percent rewatched the entire series. I also found it humorous that 30 percent of the survey responders were willing to forego making their bed, 36 percent would avoid cleaning and 10 percent avoided cooking so they could watch OITNB.

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