When will Orange is the New Black Season 5 be on Netflix?

Now that Season 4 has been released for everyone’s binge-watching pleasure, it’s already time to start thinking ahead.

When it comes to the Netflix model of releasing all of a show’s episodes at one time, answering the question of when the next season will arrive requires two steps.

The first is confirming that there even will be a next season, and the other is figuring out its exact arrival date. For Orange is the New Black, we have quite a bit of information on one and not so much on the other.

So let’s start with what we know. Yes, there will be an Orange is the New Black Season 5. That much was assured when Netflix made the nearly unprecedented move of renewing the show for three more seasons earlier this year.

That takes us all the way through Season 7. But predicting exactly when Season 5 will show up is  a little tougher. All we can say with 100 percent certainty (maybe 99 just to be safe) is that it will drop on a Friday, because that’s how Netflix gets down.

Summer is also a safe bet, considering that all four seasons released so far have debuted in either June or July — and only Season 1 for the latter. So it’s almost a lock we’ll see Orange is the New Black Season 5 in June 2017.

Looking at the calendar for Fridays and considering the previous history of the show, we like Season 5 to arrive on either June 9 or June 16, 2017. That jives with what our friends at Netflix Life believe as well, and as the authority on all things Netflix, we fell confident we’re on the right track.

Production delays or other unforeseen circumstances could change this projection, but we’d likely hear about that ahead of time. Failing anything weird, we expect people to be setting aside another June weekend for an Orange is the New Black binge session this same time in summer 2017.

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