WWE Money in the Bank 2016 betting odds: New favorite in main event

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com /

The odds in the main event of WWE Money in the Bank 2016 have shifted in a huge way just hours before the pay-per-view

The main event of WWE Money in the Bank 2016 promises to be quite exciting on a number of levels as Seth Rollins challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship obviously has a ton of appeal. Not only is it Rollins returning to the ring on television after being out since Nov. 2015, but it’s also the two former members of The Shield finally getting to do battle in a long-awaited bout.

However, things could be getting even more interesting with the way that the WWE Money in the Bank betting odds have shifted.

With how heavily WWE has pushed Reigns over the past couple of years—since the breakup of The Shield—that he now has the title has made it seem as if he was going to hold onto it for quite a while. And the initial odds for WWE Money in the Bank 2016 reflected that as, according to WWEleaks.org, Roman was a -1500 favorite to beat Rollins while Seth came in at a meager +700.

Only hours before the start of the show from Las Vegas, though, the lines have shifted in a dramatically big way. According to 5Dimes, Rollins isn’t just less of an underdog, but is now a -400 favorite to beat Reigns at WWE Money in the Bank and reclaim his championship that he never lost. Meanwhile, Reigns’ odds are now just +280.

Given that this is about the time that smart money could start coming in for the show, this could be quite telling about what’s going to happen at WWE Money in the Bank. For all those Roman-haters that are so vocal on the Internet, your hopes are certainly up after seeing this.

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