2016 Olympics: What is the Olympic song?

Looking at what the Olympic song is for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

The 2016 Olympics in Rio promise many things in the way of entertainment and drama, as the Summer Olympics always do. However, one thing that can really set one Olympics from the rest is the Olympic song. That may seem quite silly, but it’s 100 percent true as the song that you’ll hear time and again can really set the tone for the viewers at home.

Subsequently, those deciding on the Olympic song have a big task on their hands. They have to find a song that’s going to be representative of the host country and city while also finding a song that’s going to get fans and viewers excited and in the mood to watch competition. It’s undoubtedly a delicate balance.

Of course, this begs the question of what the Olympic song for the 2016 Olympics in Rio is.

While you may have seen headlines about other songs being “themes” for the 2016 Olympics such as Katy Perry’s “Rise,” those songs are not the official Olympic song. That distinguished title goes to Samba star Thiaguinho and rapper Projota—both from Brazil—for their song “Alma e Coração,” which translates from Portuguese to “Soul and Heart” in English.

You can hear the Olympic song below:

Without question, this feels like it’s going to be a hit throughout the 2016 Olympics. The spirit of the song is infectious and should get the people going in a real way.

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