Antoine Fuqua in talks with Universal to direct Scarface remake

The iconic cuban character Tony Montana may very well be gracing the big screen very soon in a remake of the classic film Scarface.

Let’s face it. When speaking of legendary film characters and icons, Tony Montana is probably one of the first person that ever comes to mind. Being portrayed by Al Pacino back in the ’80s, Tony Montana is arguably the most popular film character of the last three decades. He’s still extremely relevant in today’s society and Scarface is an absolute classic.

Now, according to Deadline, Universal is planning a remake/re-imagining of the iconic film and it looks like director of Training Day, Antoine Fuqua, is in negotiations to helm the film. This may be great news and can possibly work out, but for others, they rather Hollywood just leave some classics alone.

It’s definitely not a secret that some remakes of classic films haven’t been so great. For example, last year’s Point Break was very poorly received by almost everybody and it was an unnecessary sequel. Unfortunately, that’s becoming a trend in the filming industry and while some do end up working out, there’s a lot of other remakes that can’t live up to the original. Hopefully, if Fuqua does end up being the director, he can bring justice to the original Scarface.

Fuqua’s most recent film is The Magnificent Seven, which is set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month and will release on September 23, 2016.