The Originals season 4, episode 5 recap: I Hear You Knocking

Did the Hollow get what it wanted from Klaus and Marcel? Find out in this recap of Friday’s episode of The Originals, titled “I Hear You Knocking.”

This week on The Originals, the Hollow tries to get Marcel and Klaus to do its bidding. In the bayou, Hayley learns more about her family. Freya makes a new non-Mikaelson friend. And yet another new enemy emerges.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

The hour opens with a young Klaus just trying to paint in the woods in 990 B.C.E. When he heads back home, he comes across a group of dead people and one guy in rough shape calling out for help. But before Klaus can help the man, Mikael arrives and kills him.

See, those guys were enemies of the family and must be dealt with. Mikael yells at Klaus for being a coward, who won’t do what is necessary to save the family. That’s when Klaus wakes up.

But the visions of Mikael aren’t going anywhere, as that’s how the Hollow is communicating with Klaus. The opening flashback was a set up to what the Hollow wants from Klaus: for him to kill Marcel. Otherwise, the Hollow will go after the rest of the Mikaelsons.

In case Klaus doesn’t follow through, the Hollow is also working on Marcel, convincing him to kill Klaus. To Marcel, the Hollow appears as Klaus and Elijah. Both men try to resist, but the Hollow is too powerful.

Soon, they meet at the abandoned house where the Hollow took Adam in the premiere. Armed with a dagger that could actually kill Marcel, Klaus attacks. They trade a few blows before Freya arrives to break up the death match.

See, she was able to briefly contact the Hollow. Its true plan was to get Klaus and Marcel to kill each other so it could steal their power. It would then be unstoppable. But it was not a complete waste, Marcel’s blood landed on the floor. The Hollow then used it to craft a weapon that could kill an Original, a weapon Sofya gets her hands on at the end of the episode.

For most of the episode, she appears to be helping Marcel rid himself of the Hollow. But really she has been working with a witch to make sure the Hollow gets what it wants. All so that Sofya can get her revenge on the Mikaelsons.

Other highlights from this episode of The Originals:

  • Instead of killing Marcel, Klaus simply knocks him out. He claims it was all in the name of making sure the Hollow didn’t get what it wants. But, Elijah believes it’s a sign Hope is changing Klaus and is on the road to redemption. Elijah explains this to a locked up Marcel. He then threatens Marcel that if he does anything to disrupt Klaus’ redemption, he will kill him. Again.
  • Freya and Keelin have completed the weapon to kill Marcel. That means Keelin is free to leave. She’s gone for about five minutes before deciding to stay and help Freya. They’re friends now, and possibly something more.
  • Elijah, Hayley and Hope spend most of the episode in the bayou with Mary. Hayley wants to fill Mary in on everything Hollow related. It turns out Mary has already dealt with it. Her husband was driven insane by the Hollow, and killed Hayley’s parents. This leads Hayley to the conclusion that the Hollow is after Hope, not because she’s a Mikaelson, but because of Hayley’s family.
  • The trip to the bayou also provides one of the more light-hearted moments of the episode. Elijah says he could be happy living out there with Hayley. He might even give up his suits for jean shorts and flip-flops.