Bond 25: The Latest Updates

We’re now eighteen months removed from the release of Spectre, and EON Productions has remained tight-lipped about the status of Bond 25. But there’s no shortage of news and rumors. Each week, we’ll keep you updated the most recent developments.


Production Team

EON Productions is all in, of course. It isn’t a Bond film without EON. So far, however, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have remained relatively quiet on the status of Bond 25.

Syncopy, Christopher Nolan’s production company, was listed as a Bond 25 producer on IMDB Pro. The listing has since been removed, but rumors are swirling about Christopher Nolan’s potential role with the film.



Five studios are vying for distribution rights: Sony, Warner Bros., Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Annapurna. It appears that Sony has the inside track, considering the studio’s aggressive pitch, using a recreated set from Dr. No.


Naturally, with the connection between Syncopy and Bond 25, there is much speculation about Nolan as director.

Reports have also surfaced that EON could be interested in Paul McGuigan.


James Bond

As of now, Daniel Craig is still the actor set to play Bond. Recent reports have him as negotiating the return to play 007.

However, with Nolan’s name attached to Bond 25, so is Tom Hardy’s.

Charlie Hunnam and Jack Huston have also been rumored to be playing Bond.


The Cast

Ralph Fiennes has one more film left in his three-picture deal, but he is unsure if he will be back.

Christoph Waltz is on record as saying he would like to return for two more Bond films, if Daniel Craig agrees to do them, as well.

Dave Bautista has expressed an interest in returning; he believes a return by his character, Hinx, is dependent on Craig’s return as Bond.

Jeffrey Wright recently dropped a Twitter hint that he might be returning to the series as Felix Leiter.



Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have reportedly been hired to write Bond 25. The writing duo has been involved with each of the past six Bond films.


Composer and Theme Song

Sam Mendes’s departure also means the likely departure of Thomas Newman. A Christopher Nolan film could mean that Hans Zimmer takes over as composer. Stay “tuned.”

Of course, there is no news on theme music.


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