Report: Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana involved in physical altercation at UFC Athlete Retreat

There was a physical altercation involving UFC fighters Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana tonight at the UFC Athlete Retreat in Las Vegas.

The UFC Athlete Retreat is meant to bring the organization together and have a place where the fighters can learn and enjoy a weekend of relaxation provided by the UFC. The retreat took place this weekend in Las Vegas, and there were many fighters from every division. With all of these fighters in one place, there was bound to be some tension and animosity. Two fighters, in particular, came to blows this afternoon on the final day of this three-day retreat.

UFC featherweight title contender Cris Cyborg was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with strawweight Angela Magana outside the fighter’s hotel this evening. The altercation was first reported by witnesses on Twitter and was then followed up by various members of the media.

The disagreement arose over past social media posts from Magana that were directed toward Cyborg over the past couple of months.  According to onlookers, words were exchanged and Cyborg then struck Magana with a punch to the mouth.  According to fellow UFC fighter Bec Rawlings on Twitter, Magana has a small injury on her lip.

There was word that police were called to the scene but there is no mention yet about repercussions from this incident at this time. Cyborg is in the process of setting up a fight at UFC 214 in California this summer where she would be fighting for a featherweight belt. This incident could possibly affect her eligibility to compete at the event if punishment should ensue.

There have been remarks from others fighters regarding the awkwardness of being in close proximity with other fighters who they have faced in the past, or might be facing in the near future.

The UFC has put on this event as a means for the new owners from WME-IMG to meet the whole roster. In an email sent to the fighters via MMAFighting.com, they said: “This event represents a unique opportunity for you to interact with your fellow athletes, UFC staff, and your new ownership group while hearing from a wide variety of experts across sports, entertainment, and business.”