Predators fan faces criminal charges for catfish toss

A Nashville Predators fan is facing criminal charges after taking part in the catfish toss in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

The catfish toss is yet again in the news, but this time for a much more serious reason. A Nashville Predators fan is facing criminal charges for throwing a dead catfish on the ice during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in Pittsburgh.

The three criminal charges include disorderly conduct, disrupting of a meeting, and possession of a criminal instrument. The maximum sentence for these three charges is six years and 90 days of jail time, and the maximum fine is $12,800.

The fan being charged, Jacob Waddell, spoke to local Nashville radio station Nashville 104.5 The Zone about preparing to do the stunt ahead of Game 1. The preparation included a “catfish-underwear sandwich,” which meant putting the catfish between a pair of underwear and a pair of spandex.

Before concealing the fish, Waddell removed the spine of the fish, flattened it as much as he could, and even drove over the catfish with his truck multiple times to flatten the head. That is a ton of preparation for a man who referred to himself as a “dumb redneck with a bad idea.”

Luckily for Waddell, it sounds like he will be covered for costs and representation if he needs to lawyer up if the charges are put against him. Nashville’s104.5 The Zone has stated that they intend to pay for any fines that the catfish may incur for Waddell. Along with The Zone offering to pay for any fines coming his way, there are plenty of Nashville-area lawyers that are willing to represent Waddell if criminal charges are pursued.

The catfish tradition might not be welcomed in Pittsburgh, but it’s safe to say that Predators fans everywhere will be continuing to push the limits, just like Waddell did.