The Freeze claims another victim at SunTrust Park (Video)

The Freeze is quickly becoming the hottest sensation around the MLB, but he’s exclusive to Atlanta Braves fans.

Don’t be fooled by the context of The Freeze’s name. His limbs are anything but frozen.

On Friday night, The Freeze made his way into the limelight during a homecoming appearance at SunTrust Park. During a home game against the Mets, one college-aged male took it upon himself to enter a race with The Freeze. Unfortunately for the backwards-cap-wearing Braves fan, The Freeze surprised him enough to the point of eating dirt for dinner.

People might have wised up to The Freeze and his dynamic speed, but that one win wasn’t enough. As an encore, The Freeze did the same thing to another Braves fan on Saturday night. Fresh out of the gate, The Freeze is seen stumbling, clearly paying homage to his opponent from Friday.

For the sake of both men, identities won’t be released. After all, it’s quite embarrassing to lose a race, where you’re given a head start of 200 feet. Though the second runner-up was more humble than the first, it’s still hard to compute why someone would challenge The Freeze in the first place. The fans are likely in it just for the experience of running down the warning track; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With the losses of the two men, it brings up a question: can anyone defeat The Freeze? It’s a topic up for debate, but there are a few contenders around the big leagues. According to a June 8 poll on The Freeze’s official Twitter page, 46-percent want to see Bartolo Colon take a jog around the outfield. Other potential challengers to The Freeze include Dee Gordon, one of the fastest ball players in the league.

Make no mistake of it, The Freeze is here to stay at SunTrust Park. The fans adore him and so does the league as a whole. Though both races have lasted only 30 seconds, it’s still one of the better amusements of the game. It’s easy to marvel at this attraction and the Atlanta Braves organization deserves a round of applause for coming up with The Freeze.