WWE Battleground 2017: 1 bold prediction for each match

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The WWE Battleground pay-per-view is set to take place. What interesting direction could be taken with every match on the card?

On Sunday night, the 2017 WWE Battleground pay-per-view will take place from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. It will see the Superstars of SmackDown Live take over the ring in the last PPV before SummerSlam, which is a co-branded event.

Battleground has seven matches set for the main show. This includes the first Punjabi Prison match in 10 years, which will presumably headline the evening’s festivities.

Sometimes, WWE takes “bold” directions with their matches, leading to surprises thrown into the most predictable situations. How might this be done with every bout on Sunday’s card?

7. Mike Kanellis will lose his first match

Losing a match isn’t exactly “bold,” but for Mike Kanellis, who’s only one bout into his WWE career, it’s slightly early timing.

On Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, Kanellis stepped into a WWE ring for the first time. He battled Sami Zayn, who “interrupted” the power of love with Maria Kanellis backstage multiple times. This angered the couple, who slapped Zayn in the face and bashed him with a vase, leading to the head-to-head encounter.

As Zayn prepared for the Helluva Kick, Maria stepped in his way to block her husband from getting hit. Her presence was too much of a distraction and led to Mike winning.

For the Battleground match, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Maria come into play again. However, look for the referee to eject her from ringside, evening the odds for Zayn. This will allow him to win the match and head toward a third encounter with the former ROH and TNA star.

Mike and Maria would take an early loss here, which may not do much for their momentum on SmackDown Live. They’ll get a chance at retribution, but the real story should be about getting Zayn a win and moving him into a bigger program.