DWTNCS 4 results: Julian Marquez knocks Phil Hawes out cold in main event, earns UFC contract

It has become a weekly trend for Dana White to have a tough decision on his hands, but in the end, Julian Marquez and Brandon Davis earned UFC contracts at DWTNCS 4.

On Tuesday, the fourth event of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series took place at The Ultimate Fighter Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fighters competed in front of UFC President Dana White, along with matchmakers Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard and select loved ones in hopes of landing a contract with the UFC. Through the first three weeks, five fighters have received UFC contracts, with Karl Roberson and Geoffrey Neal earning contracts in the previous episode.

In the night’s main event, Phil Hawes took on Julian Marquez in a middleweight contest. Hawes came out landing a couple of stiff jabs, followed by a hard body kick. Hawes landed a takedown and immediately jumped on the back of Marquez. Hawes would flatten him out, but Marquez did a nice job to get back to half guard, albeit while taking a bunch of punishment in return from Hawes.

Marquez would continue to be smothered by the two time WSOF competitor, but eventually fought back to his feet and landed some nasty elbows while Hawes was trying to get another takedown. As Hawes attempted again, Marquez locked in a choke and it looked deep, but Hawes was able to fight out and bring it back to the ground, where he finished the first round on top landing punches.

Marquez came back very aggressive in Round 2, rocking Hawes with a big right hand and dropping him. Hawes was able to slow Marquez down for a moment, getting the fight back to a standing position, but ate some more big punches from Marquez. Both guys looked tired two minutes into the second round as Marquez ended up on top landing ground and pound. Hawes was able to get to his feet but ate a violent kick to the face from Marquez, knocking him out cold. Very scary moment, as Dana White, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard took notice of that nasty KO.  In the end, Marquez, along with Brandon Davis, earned UFC contracts with their victories.

James Gray and Kyler Phillips were featured in the bantamweight co-main event and it did not last long. As Gray was looking for a takedown, Phillips landed a flurry of elbows, followed by ground and pound to win the fight with a 46-second TKO. The MMA Lab-trained Phillips pushed his record to a perfect 5-0.

Carlos Candelario uses incredible poise to earn decision win

Ronaldo Candido and Carlos Candelario went to work in the flyweight division. Candido, the jiu-jitsu coach of Jose Aldo, immediately went to the ground and worked for a submission, but Candelario showed great defense and discipline to end up on top, landing ground and pound. Back to the feet they went as Candido looked for another takedown, “The Cannon” defending once again. Candelario ended up on top landing vicious hammer fists. Candelario was opening up on the feet as Candido eventually landed a takedown but was bloodied up. Candido was unable to improve position as the round ends.

Round 2 opened up with a similar approach. Candelario had the advantage on the feet, but Candido landed a pair of takedowns. Candido transitioeds to Candelario’s back and was looking for the finish. Candelario, again, showed excellent poise to get on top and begin landing hammer fists. Candido went for the right leg, and it looked pretty nasty the way it was trapped. Candelario opened up with big shots as the round came to an end.

Round 3 finds Candelario on his back once again with about 3 minutes left. Candido ends up in full mount, working for a guillotine choke. Canderlario is trying to defend, and remains patient, avoiding the submission. Candido transitions into an arm triangle with a little over 40-seconds to go. “The Cannon” is able to survive once again ad Candido lands punches, followed by a big belly-to-back slam to end the fight. Candelario was awarded the unanimous decision.

Brandon Davis wins ‘Fight of the Year’ contender, earns UFC contract

Austin Arnett and Brandon Davis took the cage in the featherweight division and came out swinging. Davis was smiling and talking to the surging Arnett early on as he landed a couple of right hands. Davis continued to land combinations and looked to be having a great time. These two guys were throwing heavy leather at each other and talking smack. Davis landed a short elbow and took Arnett down. The round ended with an incredible pace. Arnett attempted a guillotine choke in Round 2 and was unsuccessful as Davis landed vicious ground and pound, opening Arnett up. Arnett got back to his feet and the fireworks continued in the standup game. Arnett threw a kick that landed right in the cup of Davis, calling a stop to the action momentarily. But the amazing action continued as the second horn sounded.

Round 3 was more of the same in what turned out to be an incredible fight. Both guys were landing big shots, Arnett with a big shot to the liver of Davis. That didn’t slow him down one bit, as he landed a spinning back elbow. Arnett opened up and Davis went right back after him. Another elbow landed by Davis, followed by a fight hand. They were in the center of the cage, throwing punches with everything they’ve got. With less than a minute to go, a bloodied up Davis was still smiling. Arnett landed a right hand, stunning Davis slightly but he didn’t care. The fight ended with a full standing ovation in one of the best fights of 2017. The judges declared Davis the winner, but those who watched the fight were all winners.

Davis earned himself a UFC contract with his performance.

John Castaneda extends winning streak to nine fights

In the opening bout, bantamweights John Castaneda and Cheyden Leialoha met in a fas- paced matchup. Leialoha landed an early takedown and opened up a cut on the head of the former Combate Americas bantamweight champion with a nasty elbow. After scrambling back to his feet. “Sexi Mexi” was able to open up his striking game, most notably with a wide array of kicks. Both guys fought extremely hard and fast, giving everything they had. In Round 3, after a Leialoha takedown, Castaneda was able to scramble and end up on top, taking Leialoha’s back to try to finish the fight with punches. It went to the judges’ scorecards with Castaneda earning a unanimous decision victory, pushing his winning streak to nine fights and putting the first loss on the record of Leialoha

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 4 results

  • Julian Marquez def. Phil Hawes via KO – Round 2
  • Kyler Phillips def. James Gray via TKO – Round 1
  • Carlos Candelario def. Ronaldo Candido via unanimous decision
  • Brandon Davis def. Austin Arnett via unanimous decision
  • John Castaneda def. Cheyden Leialoha via unanimous decision