Game of Thrones spoilers: What’s the deal with Cersei’s maid?

The internet had a lot of theories about Cersei’s devoted maid, Bernadette, showing up in the last episode of Game of Thrones, but is there more than meets the eye?

We know that in the mind games of Thrones, anything is on the table and anything is game. As Littlefinger said in last week’s episode, “Everyone is your enemy. Everyone is your friend.” In “The Queen’s Justice” viewers saw Cersei’s maid in a monumental scene, but was there more that lies beneath the surface with this character? Let’s do some investigating and see if we can uncover the truth about who the character is and if there is something beneath the surface that viewers may have missed.

Who is Bernadette and why does she look so familiar?

In the “Queen’s Justice” we saw her appear at Cersei’s door after the Queen’s tryst with her brother-lover, Jaime, and Cersei didn’t seem to have a care in the world that the maid knew about them. Jaime tried to warn her about opening the door, but there’s a reason Cersei isn’t worried about the maid spilling the beans.

Loyal servant

We first met Bernadette (Sara Dylan), with a quite different hairstyle — one that mirrored our Lannister Queen in season two, when she discovered Sansa had gotten her period (meaning she was ready to bear children for Joffrey). She was instructed to tell Cersei the minute she knew but was threatened by Shae on her way to tell Cersei.

She got her revenge on Shae, by informing Cersei about her relationship with Tyrion, on the Lannister queen’s orders. Each time, she’s seen sporting a chic hairdo that mirrors her idol’s, the reigning queen in Westeros, even in its current Carol Brady, horrible iteration.

But could she be much more?

What if she’s a spy? We all know Varys always had his little birds in King’s Landing? Is she staying close to the queen in order to inform on her for someone else? “Trust no one,” says our favorite conniver, Littlefinger.

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Speaking of spymasters, could she be one for Lord Petyr Baelish? We can’t expect he doesn’t have a few spies left in King’s Landing, even if he’s stationed at Winterfell. Bernadette would be just the type of expert spy he would employ, one close to the crown, one who played the game well with Cersei, who you would never guess to be a double agent. It would be so Littlefinger to keep tabs on events in King’s Landing with a spy like this.

Is she Arya in disguise as a Faceless Man?

A few Game of Thrones theorists have put this forth. A possibility and she certainly has a similar mysterious and serious demeanor that Arya shares while in disguise as someone else. In next week’s promo, Arya can be briefly glimpsed from behind, looking at Winterfell. Maybe she makes it back home, or maybe she looks upon Winterfell and decides to turn around and head to King’s Landing after all for her No. 1 mission to “kill the queen,” as she mentioned to the Lannister soldiers in the second episode.

But this also assumes that she has mastered the art of teleportation or that the timeline is different for Arya than it is for others, something else that’s a possibility for Samwell Tarly, if one theory is to be believed, that he’s indeed writing the story, Song of Ice and Fire, while participating in it, as hinted at in “Stormborn.” However, it’s still possible, in the Game of Thrones world. Bernadette, a loyal servant, to begin with, could provide the perfect cover for Arya to achieve the ultimate kill, Queen Cersei.

Or will she play a greater role going forward?

The camera lingered on her face, and barely anything on Thrones is without purpose. Perhaps she’s Syrio Forel’s new disguise? A bit far-fetched, but we didn’t see him die in season one! And Bernadette first appeared in season two. You never know!

At any rate, we’ll have to stay tuned for more Easter eggs on the possibilities with this character, who has such a captivating face. We’ve seen that anything can happen in King’s Landing.