Giancarlo Stanton launches 53rd home run against Nationals (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton’s home runs have become a big story throughout the MLB season, and he sent another over the wall on Monday night for the Marlins.

The Miami Marlins haven’t exactly been a top team or anything special to watch on the field throughout the 2017 regular season, but Giancarlo Stanton surely has been a treat to tune in to over the last five months.

Stanton is rapidly approaching 60 home runs on the year, and it seems like every night we get a new Stanton highlight to watch with his crazy power and ability at the plate for the Marlins. And, even when many had Labor Day off, Stanton decided that there was still work to be done in Miami.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, with the Marlins down 3-1 to the Washington Nationals, Stanton decided to take matters into his own hands to try and close the deficit that the hometown team faced midway through the game. With what looked to be relative ease, Stanton launched a solo home run over the right field wall to bring the Marlins to just a one-run deficit, and to give him his 53rd homer on the year.

While we definitely won’t be seeing Stanton break any single-season records for home runs in 2017, unless he goes off on a crazy pace over the next few weeks, it’s been a fun ride to go along on with the Marlins superstar throughout the season.

With his team 15 games back in the division behind the Nationals, Stanton has really been the lone bright spot for the National League’s representative team in the Sunshine State, and it’ll be fun to watch him on a potential journey to 60 home runs over the last few weeks of the 2017 season for the Marlins. With just seven more to go, it’s looking more and more likely as the days pass.