New details on IT sequel revealed

With the roaring success of IT, both critically and commercially, a sequel is confirmed. We got some new details on the plans for the sequel.

In a way, IT’s success is both surprising and expected. As of right now, it’s gearing toward being the most successful and profitable horror film of all time. Plus, when you throw in the fact that most of the audience and critics love the movie, it only supports this claim even more. With all the greatness surrounding this movie so far, it’s a no-brainer that a sequel is being planned. In an interview with Collider, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed some details on the sequel.

Many questions and factors come to mind when thinking about the sequel. For example, the most likely scenario is the the Losers Club transitioning into adulthood. Much like the Stephen King novel, Pennywise the Clown returns once they’re older. Whether or not director Andy Muschietti has plans of having the kids returnino some capacity is an entirely different story.

Here’s Muschietti’s response when asked about some details, such as opening the film with The Black Spot:

There’s been several different ideas also because, again, we have to… I think one of the greatest exercises was to bring this film down to two hours and fifteen minutes. So, this has made us realize that we have to be very efficient with time, especially if we want the kids back for flashbacks, it’s a lot of move to tell. I’d love to have The Black Spot, but it will depend on where we are, how crucial it is that we start there to tell the story.

If it were up to us, we would love the kids to make a comeback. By far, the best part of IT was the Losers Club, even though the whole film is very entertaining. However, if they do decide to cast adults, which is extremely likely, we’re sure it’ll be just as good. Seeing the kids via flashbacks would be interesting, though.